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2010:Goals in freediving

by on Jan.05, 2010, under Freediving

I’ve never fully understood the practice of setting goals only in the beginning of the new year… Setting, achieving and monitoring set goals is a continuous process. Still, I’d like to share my ‘bigger’ freediving goals  for 2010. I’ve thought them over since late November when I started a more organized training.

0) Have fun, travel a lot, meet new people, improve constantly

1) CWT  – 60 + m

2) DYN – 150+ m

3) DNF – 100+ m

4) STA – 6+ minutes

I know that these goals are ambitious, but at the same time they ARE achievable. I remember what Wolfang  Güllich (among the greatest sport climbers of all time, died in 1992) said about training: ‘The hardest part of the training is making the decision to start training at all”. Nicely said. It really turns down to finding and understanding your motivation and devising a plan to lead you along the way. I guess that’s how it works, considering my experience with committing to a set of goals…

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  • dians

    My greetings for number 0! It says it all.
    The rest are:
    .included in number 0;
    .just digits which you are already really close to :)
    Good luck!

  • chatzimentor dimitr

    I wonder, which are your coals for Skandalopetra freediving.My oppinion is, that this will help you with equalizing and overcoming your depth barier, the safer and easier way.

  • stefanoff

    @ Dimitrios Sure I plan to freedive with the Skandalopetra. I hope to come to at least one event that you and Nikolas organize! I really need to work on my equalization (especially when using a noseclip) and depth adaptation, and this type of diving is probably the most beneficial and safe at the same time.

    @ Diana Thanks! Enjoying what you do is probably the most important thing.
    And I'm getting closer to those 'digits', but still have lots of work to do…

  • Sanne Buurma

    Enjoy the training just as much as the rest and you're in for a good one ;) . Determination helps a lot, but having fun surely makes it easier. Good luck with your goals.

    I'll keep an eye out to your blog here to see any progress :D

  • Dragan Donkov

    Hey, good luck with the goals and dive is fun :) you are always welcome in Malta for a week of diving

    • stefanoff

      Thanks, Dragan! Shipwreck freediving is among the best experiences I've ever had, and going to Malta's well known wrecks is just a question of time. It'll be great if we can dive together there!

      @ Sanne – I'm looking forward to the Glide fin review on your site – I'll order one soon, just want to be sure about the angle and footpocket size :)

  • Vladimir Kiriansky

    Lubo, these are really ambitious goals!
    I just took my first freediving class (in 13C waters here in California) and I am hooked ;)

    Make sure you always have a good safety buddy and good luck!



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